F.E.P.E. stands for Flat Earth People Everywhere

The #GLOBEXIT concept stands for the biggest Paradigm Shift in the human history. Generations after generations have been deceived regarding the place where we are born, where we live and keep resurrecting. Details about "who, why, when" are available in the BLOG section, via articles, videos, memes, music, etc. The most important piece of the whole puzzle is #flatearth. Once you've passed the Cognitive Dissonance threshold, all things click in perfectly. A complicated mind is not a virtue; more like a necessity in these times. And a solid proof that our Creator made us with all that is needed to adapt for times like this, so that the seed of Truth would never perish. The greatest challenge is to unlearn all the things we've been indoctrinated with through the governmental education system. A quick reminder: Latin [gubernare] means to control / mens - mind. Governmental... I'll let you figure out that one. Also, one of their most effective strategy is the Hegelian Dialectic. You might want to look for that one, too.


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Flat earth research has reached and keeps reaching millions of people across the world every day. These memes also contain valuable scientific data meant to validate the real facts about the world we are living in. Some of my work and other's will be featured in the #GLOBEXIT Magazine, scheduled to be first printed by the end of October. A premium quality magazine contributing to the most important paradigm shift ever known and experienced by humans. Laughter is the best therapy and... there is more land out there. Research flat earth


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